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Non-programming development

Using cross market and time-frame STRAT indicators Virtual strategies Portfolios of strategies Fees, slippage, spread
OR Entry & Exit pages Partial profit taking Day and time trading Trailing stop
Spread protection Bid and ask at each bar-close Back-test curve as a chart Technical indicators of the back-test chart
STRAT indicators using criteria from back-test charts Draw-down and up in back-test chart candles Live P/L update on candle


Non-programming Extend with custom programmed Criteria Groups Confidentiality development of Criteria Groups Instant one-click edit and back-test
Non-programming of algorithmic execution (summer 2021) Cron Job for strategy adjustment (summer 2021) Optimizer


Live back-testing Live forward-testing Batch testing Simulated trading
Spread info at each execution Close at last bar Back-test result comprising both virtual and real strategy data


Mix auto with alert trading Algorithmic execution (summer 2021) Remote Access Simulated trading
Spread and slippage info at each execution Live P/L update on forward chart candle